Muscleworks & Massage IV
Muscleworks & Massage IV

Increase your Gains ! Real Results Now!

Our seasoned therapist will help you determine the right treatment for your optimum health. Our studio is distinguished by the care and attention we invest in custom-tailored programs for our clients. How can we help you to be your healthiest?

Our Specialties

Increase your Gains! Get results now !

How? Using muscle activation techniques to release frozen muscle groups which will allow those stubborn body parts that need to grow to receive the vascularity necessary to reach their utmost potential!

• Not a therapeutic massage! Cooperative effort between the practitioner and client to figure out what is happening in the body which is contributing to their muscle dysfunction and creating a plan to permanently correct to stop pain and maximize muscle growth!

•Ask about the muscle tuneup program!



Muscle Optimization Therapy: 


Soft tissue work is one of humanity's oldest forms of therapy, and it helps prevent a wide variety of ailments. 


Why am I here?

I specialize in bringing out the best out of the most muscular bodies in the Chicago area I have trained with the gurus of the industry to develop the muscle activation techniques and trigger point therapy’s and using cupping and my training over the last 10 years to help those who put the most passion and resources into their body to become the greatest versions of themselves. This is why I located my practice in the Quads gym the Mecca of Aesthetic competitors and professional powerlifters.
Not everybody can work on on these giants and Titans of the industry. Their muscle fibers are more dense the challenges of the rigorous workouts creates minor dysfunctions that overtime turn into major setbacks to achieving their goals.
I love honor and respect my clients they have become my reasons or my mantra of practice. I am Continually inspired by their superhuman dedication and their transcendental determination to be the best.
My greatest compliment is seeing the look on my clients faces when they feel how they can move their arms and legs and body in ways they didn’t even think they could possibly move ever again. Specifically when they see firsthand how they can grow those stubborn muscles that haven’t been able to develop or lift additional weight without pain this I consider a mutually beneficial gift. 

Come in and receive a muscle tuneup and see what everybody’s been talking about. Check out my before’s and Afters. Let’s get you to the next level!


Additional services we provide:

  • Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Sports Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Cupping 
  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • PNF Streching
  • Reiki 
  • Personal Training with the best in Chicago 
  • Mobile Massage/ Corporate Chair Massages

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